portfolio management for Trusts

delivering your objectives
Everys Investments has significant experience in the management of portfolios for Trusts.

Trusts have been used for many years as a way to manage money more efficiently particularly in the case of family trusts where inheritance tax issues can play a huge part.  Trusts provide a long-term vehicle for the control of money and Everys Discretionary Portfolio Management Service allows trustees to tap into our experience and expertise in this area.

Each trust is allocated an investment manager who will build a long-term relationship with the Trustees and those involved on a day to day basis with the running and administration of the trust.

Where other advisers are involved, we will work alongside them to deliver the investment objectives of the trust, ensuring stability for the trust over the longer term.  As and when required, changes may be made to the trust portfolio with performance reports, valuations and statements provided on a quarterly basis.

To talk to one of our Investment Managers about your Trust, either request a call back using the form below or call 01404 541 922.